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Download FX-Agency Advisor 2 | The most advanced forex system for Metatrader

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                                                           NEW & IMPROVED

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$549.00 each FX-Agency Advisor



System Requirements

Platform: Metatrader 4

Internet Connection: Any

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux



Special Features

  1. Monitor multiple currency pairs on a single chart
  2. Trades Forex, Stocks, Binary Options, Metals, Equities, Commodities
  3. Moveable panel by drag and drop to avoid overlap
  4. Audio Alert window popup
  5. Trader privacy (brokers cannot see the software)
  6. 100% price action signals
  7. Multilingual customer support
  8. Highly user friendly



Short Description

The FX-Agency Advisor 2 forex trading system is our top favorite software when it comes to accuracy and performance. It has a proven record of making trader up to 800 pips or more on just one trade. It is guaranteed to be a very useful asset to your trading. It is purely based on price action and has the ability to calculate algorithms from far back to current dates. Our programmers are highly skilled so the engineering of our software's are elite. It also uses specialized up to date encryption technology to hide itself from your broker.                  


FX-Agency Advisor 2

After requests from some of our traders, we have greatly improved the FX-Agency Advisor which took a lot of hard work and time but now it is finally released. The new FX-Agency Advisor II is on a totally different level than anything on Metatrader 4, E-Signal, Tradestation etc. It is so different than any one of our previous series, that we even made a new  template as you can see to show that our systems are NOT the same especially this one. All our systems make money. The WAYS they do are all different. Some are easier and more convenient to people than our other systems but that's about it. Its all about style and what you feel will make you successful. The experience on this is unmatched and NOTHING is more easier than this when it comes to manual trading. EA's are easy, but when it comes to profit consistency , its only a matter of time until it wipes your account out. The successful traders that are veterans all use manual trading. But this one is no ordinary trading system. With most systems you have to look at charts, find crossovers, flip through time frames and much more processes which can take up a lot of our time. They also require experience because many times even those fail if the trader is not experienced.

With the FX-Agency Advisor II, not only does it tell you exactly the price when to enter the trade, and give you a stop-loss and take profit but it gives you 2 entries in one! And most of the time they are very close in distance. This will almost guarantee a definite trade because the market HAS to move in either direction. For you it should be making pips in either way.  And to drive our percentage of winning up to 85%, we have integrated a special "trend\price action FX-Agency Recommendation" signal so it will give you the recommended trade based on the price action and trend of the market, so you will only trade in the direction as the market is going. If you wish you CAN trade against the trend if you are scalping very small pips and ONLY if the trigger the advisor gives you has been clearly met. We have traded against the trend many times and only aim for small pips though.


 What you see when you load the FX-Agency Advisor 2 on your chart






Audio Alert Signals built in






Stocks, Futures, Metals are also tradable!

fx-agency advisor 2 zoom





The Multi Currency Dashboard

fx-agency advisor 2 dashboard




   Trend/Momentum filters based on price action

trend fitler by itself




How it works

trend fitler with recommends





Monitor ALL currency pairs and await signals for them, on ONE opened chart!!


Your screen will appear like this. As you can see, this is something extremely unique and state of the art of forex software for Metatrader or perhaps any other charting engine that exists. Looking at this picture, you probably already know what its telling you. You can choose any one or trade as many signals as you want at a time. At this moment, on the H1 chart, we have a trading opportunity on the AUDJPY,  EUR/GBP, EURJPY, GBP/JPY, GOLD, SILVER, NASDAQ and S&P 500...

full screen fx-agency advisor 2




Remember you can choose ANY time frame you want to use. You can go as low as an M1 and it will give you signals. Lets now take a look at the M30  chart. As you can see, it now shows 7 more trading signals on the Signal Board. These were wonderful opportunity to enter a trade.....

fx-agency advisor 2 time frame





To increase the chance of success we have included an awesome highly effective BIAS filter signal. Look at the second part of the chart that says "FX-Agency Recommends". This is a filter you must use. Especially when you trade the M1, always confirm a trade with the FAC Recommendation. Now lets go back to our example again. Look at the picture below, at the EUR/GBP signal. It says WAIT! Get Ready To Buy At 0.8374 Or Sell At 0.8368. What this means is that if the market hits one of these prices, its going to break-out which will make you a nice profit. But what we do, is only take the trades in the same direction as the overall momentum, price action and trend of the CURRENT overall forex market and that is where you use the FAC Recommendation. Look at the EURGBP in red. It says EUR/GBP Trade Sells Only.If it shows "WAIT", as you can see in the other examples, then you must wait for momentum to take direction and show a Trade Sells Only or Trade Buys Only. These were perfect trades!


fx-agency advisor 2 trend filter





Audio Alert Window Popup Box included!

This feature is probably the most wanted on all Metatrader forex signals\systems.  It is the "Audio Alert Window Popup".  What this will do is alert you that a trade has been triggered. You can be browsing the internet, e-mailing, chatting, and you can still get in at the right time, since you will be alerted. Even if you have fallen asleep, it can wake you up!

Look at the Popup Window. In this case it says EURUSD SELL-T beside it is the price and then the stop-loss you should use. BUY-T means  "Buy Trade"  and SELL-T means  "Sell Trade". It even tells you the P\L in pips that you would be making  EVEN IF you missed the trades. Talk about  "All In One Technology"!.....

mt4 alert popup fx-agency advisor 2





Adding Currency Pairs And Stocks And More of Your Choice

With the FX-Agency Advisor II forex system, you actually  have the amazing freedom of adding or removing ANY CURRENCY PAIR OR STOCK, FUTURES, You name it! If you feel you will never trade a certain currency pair, you can remove it or replace it with a currency pair you think you will trade.  Just type in the currency pair or stock etc in the box where it says "Symbols".....

                             adding pairs to fx-agency advisor 2





Taking Your Profits on FX-Agency Advisor 2

As simple as it may look, do NOT underestimate the power of this tool/indicator. It is purely based on Support & Resistance. This method of taking profits has been used since the beginning. Here you have a fantastic support and resistance indicator. Its got an multi-time frame feature. In the "Indicator Settings", just set the time frame, to whichever one you want it to display. The default is D1, which is 1440. If you want to use H4, input "240". For H1, input "60". By changing these, it will display the support and resistance levels accordingly. And it will continue to display them regardless of the time frame. So you can set it to display D1 support and resistance levels, and you can view them on all time frames. Just change the numbers whenever you want a change. Its a much better and cleaner version than many and does not make your chart busy.

support resistance indicator





fx-agency advisor 1 box Guess What? A special gift is included...FREE

Purchase the FX-Agency Advisor II now and get our legendary historic masterpiece  FX-Agency Advisor 1 absolutely FREE. Yes, no joke! It is a great system capable of scalping and long term trading. It gives plenty of signals and has been making pips for many traders from around the world. We want to spread the power of FXA Trade systems to the world and we truly want you to have it. Consider it as a special gift to you. Don't let this offer get away.



Installs directly to any Metatrader 4 platform

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