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$549.00 each FX-Agency Advisor



System Requirements

Platform: Metatrader 4

Internet Connection: Any

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux



Special Features

  1. Monitor multiple currency pairs on a single chart
  2. Trade Forex, Stocks, Binary Options, Metals, Equities, Commodities and more
  3. Easy to use "Drag & Drop" signals panel
  4. Audio Alert window popup alerts
  5. Trader privacy (brokers cannot see the software)
  6. 100% price action signals
  7. Multilingual customer support
  8. Highly user friendly



Short Description

The FX-Agency Advisor 2 forex trading system is our top favorite software when it comes to accuracy and performance. It has a proven record of making traders up to 800 pips or more on just one trade alone. It is guaranteed to be a very useful asset to your trading. It is purely based on price action and has the ability to calculate algorithms from far back all the way to the current market conditions. Our programmers are highly skilled so the engineering of our Metatrader systems and indicators are excellent. It also uses specialized "up to date" encryption technology to hide for your broker. This way your broker cannot see what you are using and possibly manipulate your trades.                 


FX-Agency Advisor 2

The FX-Agency Advisor II is a "world class" and internationally known forex trading system that is fully loaded with some of the best features and has been making traders a great deal of profits around the world. It is is on a totally different level than anything you may have used on Metatrader 4, E-Signal, Tradestation etc. It is so different and unique than the rest of the forex system, that people who have never heard of forex, become interested and they turn into full time professional traders, and earn an income. The features/performance on the FX-Agency Advisor II is unmatched and NOTHING is more easy than it when it comes to manual trading. The FX-Agency Advisor II is a "semi-automated" system that will do all the analyzing for you and  based on that, it will give you signals. You may think EA's are an easy solution to your success, but when it comes to profit consistency in the long term, it's only a matter of time until it wipes out your account. The successful traders and long time veterans, all use manual trading, but our FX-Agency Advisor II is no ordinary trading system, and is special. With most systems you have to do things like look at charts, find crossovers, flip through time frames, determine entries, determine stop-losses and do much more, which can take up a lot of time.

With the FX-Agency Advisor II, not only does it tell you exactly the price on when to enter the trade but also give you a stop-loss and take profit based on TWO entries! In other words, rather than getting one signal at a time, you will get 2 signals, a "Buy At" and "Sell At". If the market price is bullish, the Buy trade will be triggered and if the market is Bearish, the Sell trade will be triggered. A trade is almost guaranteed since market price has to move in either direction therefore with the FX-Agency Advisor II, you can profit both ways. To drive the odds of winning up to 85% with the FX-Agency Advisor II, we have integrated a special recommendation signal, which will give you the recommended trade based on the current price action and trend of the market. This way you will only trade in the direction of the trend and momentum of current market conditions. If you are using a higher time frame such as H1 and above, you CAN trade against the trend if you are scalping. Trading smaller time frames such as H1 and under, require you to use the "FX-Agency Recommends" tool.


 This is what you will see, when you first attach the system to your chart






Audio Alert Signals built in






Stocks, Futures, Metals are also tradable!

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The Multi Currency Dashboard

fx-agency advisor 2 dashboard




   Trend/Momentum filters based on price action

trend fitler by itself




How it works

trend fitler with recommends





Monitor ALL currency pairs and await signals for them, on ONE opened chart!!


Your screen will appear like this. As you can see, this is something extremely unique and state of the art of forex software for Metatrader or perhaps any other charting engine that exists. Looking at this picture, you probably already know what its telling you. You can choose any one or trade as many signals as you want at a time. At this moment, on the H1 chart, we have a trading opportunity on the AUDJPY,  EUR/GBP, EURJPY, GBP/JPY, GOLD, SILVER, NASDAQ and S&P 500.

full screen fx-agency advisor 2




Remember, you can choose ANY time frame you want to use. You can go as low as an M1 and The FX-Agency Advisor II will give you signals. Lets now take a look at the M30 chart below. As you can see, it now shows 7 more trading signals on the panel. These were wonderful opportunities to enter trades.

fx-agency advisor 2 time frame





Like mentioned above, to increase the chance of success with The FX-Agency Advisor II, we have included a highly effective "BIAS" filter signal. Look at the picture below on the right where you see  "FX-Agency Recommends". This is a tool you must use to confirm trades when scalping, especially on lower time frames such as H1 and under. On the same chart below, look at the picture below where you see the EURUSD signal. It says WAIT! Get Ready To Buy At 1.3111 Or Sell At 1.3090. What this means is, if the market touches the buy or sell entry price, it's going to break-out which will make a nice profit. To be safe, one must only take the trades in the same direction as the overall momentum, price action and trend of the CURRENT forex market cinditions, that is where the FAC Recommendation becomes useful. Under the "FX-Agency Recommends" panel, look at the EURUSD shown in red. It says "EURUSD Trade SELLS only". If it shows a "WAIT" message, like the GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD and USDJPY in grey, you must wait for momentum to take direction and show a "Trade Sells only" or "Trade Buys only" message. The trades that were triggered in this example were perfect!


fx-agency advisor 2 trend filter





Audio Alert Popup Windows Included!

The "audio alert popup window"  feature is perhaps the most wanted on all Metatrader forex signals\systems. On The FX-Agency Advisor II, it will alert you when a trade has been triggered. So you can be browsing the internet, e-mailing, chatting and STILL get in the market at the right time, since you will be alerted with sound. This can especially be useful in case you have fallen asleep. It will wake you up.

The picture below shows what the alert looks like. This alert says EURUSD SELL-T. Beside it, is the price at which the entry of the trade was, the stop-loss price and the profit/loss of the trade. It will display two types of trades, a "BUY-T" and "SELL-T".  BUY-T means Buy Trade and SELL-T means Sell Trade. The Profit/Loss also known as "P\L"  will be displayed in pips and that amount  is what you would be making  EVEN IF you missed the trades. This feature is fantastic!

mt4 alert popup fx-agency advisor 2





Adding Currency Pairs And Other Symbols

With the FX-Agency Advisor II forex system, you actually have the freedom of adding or removing any symbol you want. These can be currency pairs, stocks, metals, commodities, shares and more. If you feel you will never trade a certain currency pair, you can remove it or replace it with anything. Adding and removing is very easy. Simply type the symbol in the field where it says "Symbols". If your broker is using a prefix or suffix, be sure to include that and it will work perfectly.

                             adding pairs to fx-agency advisor 2





Taking Your Profits on FX-Agency Advisor 2

Taking profits with The FX-Agency Advisor II is easy. There are two ways you can take profits. One is to set a target and the second is to move your SL after a certain amount of pips. A more detailed method of taking profits, is mentioned in the manual that will be included when you purchase The FX-Agency Advisor II. The picture below displays a simple yet effective indicator you can use to take profits with. It is an additional separate indicator that will be provided to you. As plain as it may look, do not underestimate the power of "key price level horizontal lines". This is also known as "Support and Resistance" or "Supply and Demand". This method of taking profits is most common and effective among the most successful traders. This fantastic indicator has a multi-time frame feature. In the "Indicator Settings", simply set the time frame to whatever you want it to display. The default time frame is D1, which is 1440. If you want to use the H4 time frame, input "240". For H1, input "60". The number you input is the amount of minutes on the time frame. By changing these, it will display the support and resistance levels accordingly. The good thing is, it will continue to display the levels even if you switch time frames. So you can set it to display for example D1 support and resistance levels, and you are able to view them on all time frames. This tool is clean and will not make your chart look busy.

support resistance indicator





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Purchase the FX-Agency Advisor II now and get our legendary historic masterpiece FX-Agency Advisor 1 absolutely FREE. It is a great system capable of scalping as well as long term trading. It gives plenty of signals and has been making pips for many traders from around the world. We want to spread the power of FXA Trade systems to the worldwide and truly want you to have this present. Consider this a special gift to you from us. Don't let this offer get away.



Installs directly to any Metatrader 4 platform

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