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From: David M. Chief Strategist At FXA Trade

Hi Traders,

The most professional Forex Traders almost never use traditional crappy indicators and fill up their chart with mess. They not only prevent you from seeing what is really happening in the market, but they can also give you late entries and lead you into even bigger losses. The best way to avoid these forex trading mistakes is to avoid the indicators!

Traders especially newbies, expect to have the "holy grail" of trading and want perfect results, well finding that will not be so easy.

New Forex Traders are vulnerable to frustration and over trading.

Because there is so much mixed information out there regarding Forex and the many Forex Systems that exist, traders now a days do not know which decisions to make. The truth is, only a small amount of forex systems actually work. Despite all the hype you see, you should be careful. Our FX-Agency Advisor II has been a profit generating forex system since 09 and we NEVER had to "Hype" our system because it WORKS!

By looking at the system for the first time may change your outlook on forex trading into a Much Positive One!

We view the pictures of screaming pit traders on the ground of numerous trades on the trading floors. Do you actually believe that they would be using "indicators" to make their trading decisions? If only traders today knew what they are based from and how much of a joke it is to trade with it. Imagine, forex traders from the floor don't even look at a candlestick chart. Instead, they see a horizontal price ticker to check the price going up or down based on economic factors. Likewise, with The FX-Agency Advisor II, you do NOT even have to use a candlestick chart!!

About The FX-Agency Advisor II

The FX-Agency Advisor II is a top performing forex trading system that is loaded with many of the best features that no other system for Metatrader 4 has ever seen. It is actually so unique that even other platforms such as E-Signal, Tradestation have yet to see such a thing. The FX-Agency Advisor II is so revered, that people who have never heard of forex before, turn interested and actually make the profits of professional traders. The Semi-Automatic feature of this system makes it the EASIEST forex system to use since all analyzing is done by the software itself and gives you signals based on that. Many traders are delusional and think that EA's are the only way to succeed in trading but the truth is that it's only a matter of time before it wipes out your account clean. The most successful traders today and throughout history never used EA's and rest assure that they would never use any automated trading in a million years. Our FX-Agency Advisor II is not an ordinary forex system. It is special. With many of the systems you find now a days depend on you flipping through time frames, finding cross-overs, calculating oscillators, determining entries and exits, which can take up a lot of your time.

The best thing is that the FX-Agency Advisor II not only tells you the exact price when to enter, it gives you a stop-loss and a take-profit based on TWO entries! What this means is, rather than only receiving one signal at a time, it will display two signals, a "Buy At" and also a "Sell At". If the current market is Bullish, the Buy trade will be triggered and if the market is Bearish, the Sell trade will be triggered. Because price has to move up or down, a trade is almost guaranteed so with the FX-Agency Advisor II, you can profit both ways. To increase the chances of success of up to 85%, we have implemented an effective "recommendations" panel which will basically filter false signals that arise especially on lower time frames. It is recommended to use it for time frames H1 and under.

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Audio Alerts Built In

audio alert fx-agency advisor II

Stocks, Metals, Futures & More Are Tradable!

stocks metals futures are also tradable

The Multi-Curency Dashboard

multi-currency dashboard

Trend/Momentum filters based on price action

trend filter alone

How It Works

trend fitler with recommends

 Your chart as you see it..

Monitor ALL currency pairs and await signals for them, on ONE opened chart!!

Your screen will appear like this. As you can see, this is something extremely unique and state of the art of forex software for Metatrader or perhaps any other charting engine that exists. Looking at this picture, you probably already know what its telling you. You can choose any one or trade as many signals as you want at a time. At this moment, on the H1 chart, we have a trading opportunity on the AUDJPY,  EUR/GBP, EURJPY, GBP/JPY, GOLD, SILVER, NASDAQ and S&P 500.

full screen fx-agency advisor 2


Adding Currency Pairs And Other Symbols

With the FX-Agency Advisor II forex system, you actually have the freedom of adding or removing any symbol you want. These can be currency pairs, stocks, metals, commodities, shares and more. If you feel you will never trade a certain currency pair, you can remove it or replace it with anything. Adding and removing is very easy. Simply type the symbol in the field where it says "Symbols". If your broker is using a prefix or suffix, be sure to include that and it will work perfectly.

                             adding pairs to fx-agency advisor 2


Price Action Can NEVER Lag!. Many Forex Authors hype the traditional Moving Average, MACD or similar indicators and try and convince you that they are the keys to success. Price Action is the only and best way to see the market in real-time. It can never lie and can never lag. The FX-Agency Advisor II is a 100% price action system and is far better than any lag indicator.



Q: Will FX-Agency Advisor II work on Build 600 and above?

A: Yes, we released a brand new version that is fully compatible with Build 600 and even older versions as well

Q: What is the best time frame to use FX-Agency Advisor II?

A: Any time frame. It works with all time frames

Q: What currency pairs work best?

A: It will work on all currency pairs, Stocks, Metals and More. It can calculate any candlestick chart.

Q: How easy is it to install?

A: Super easy. It only takes 2 clicks to install it!

Q: Will you provide me with updates in the future?

A: Yes. All updates will be provided to you FREE of charge.

Q: How many symbols can I add at a time?

A: Unlimited! There is no limit to the amount of symbols you can add.

Q: Will my broker see what I am doing?

A: No, your broker cannot see your screen or what you are using. We have an extremely powerful built in shield that will not allow your broker to see what you are doing. You will be PROTECTED.

Q: If I need help installing, could you guide me?

A: Yes. If you need any help with installation we can guide you through it all. We have a Live Chat Support and we are known for having the best customer support in forex today.


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David M.
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