Dream Signals 3

Dream Signals v3.0

A basic yet effective forex system
A simple affordable all-round forex signals system for Metatrader 4
Still making profits since 2007 till today in 2023

Whether a trader is a beginner or high level, Dream Signals is a perfect solution for a profitable “basic” trading experience. Dream Signals although is not as fancy as our other forex systems, it has more than enough tools/great features to help a trader make profitable trades. There are many unique indicators included in the package that is extremely easy to use. When using Dream Signals, a trader only needs to see “color changes” and arrows to determine a valid entry. All the calculations are done by the tools themselves. The fact that the indicators included have individual different formulas built into them, makes the signals very accurate and profitable. Dream Signals bases its signals on price action, breakouts, non-lag moving averages, retracement, and Japanese candlestick patterns. This is another reason why Dream Signals is a great solution for beginner traders, the tools included have a variety of formulas that can help a trader get used to the different techniques of trading. FXA Trade puts tremendous efforts into helping their clients/customers become better traders so we make sure they get well educated. This system is excellent for scalping, mid-term trading, and long-term trading. You can use the M1 time frame and go as high as the Monthly time frame and you will still greatly benefit from the trading signals it provides you. The successful combination of all the tools included Dream Signals, makes it a well-rounded forex system that can work on almost all market conditions. There are templates that can be applied to your chart that will instantly set the optimal layout for you. The FX-Agency Advisor software is much more expensive, so we released this perfect affordable “basic” solution for traders who cannot afford the high-end systems. Dream Signals is fully loaded and truly an amazing system that is perfectly affordable and well worth the small one-time price.

Dream Signals Scalper

In the picture below, let’s look at the first tool in the Dream Signals software called the “Dream Signals Scalper”. This indicator identifies three confirmed conditions which makes it accurate! Look to the top far right of the chart below. You will see three boxes with checkmarks and below will be an actual message being shown to you, when the conditions are met. In the picture below, all three boxes are checked which means, the Dream Signals Scalper has confirmed its conditions, and they all signal “buy”. If all conditions are not met, a message will display that this: DO NOT TRADE. Remember, you must only enter a trade when the three boxes have a checkmark. An example Buy trade:

Observe below. This example shows a perfect sell trade. Once again, all three conditions were met and the message alerted us with a SCALP SELL NOW! message. An example Sell trade:

Buy-Sell Zone

This great indicator is heavily used by traders. It is based on the Bollinger Band formula however, this tool literally highlights the Buy and Sell zones for you directly on your chart. When the market is in the green zone, it signals a buy trade and if the market is in the red zone, it signals a sell. With this indicator, it’s better to confirm the trade with other signals. You will learn about that as we go along. Look at the chart below. There are two ways of trading the Buy-Sell Zone however, the best way is to wait for a bounce and reversal from the top or bottom line and enter as the market crosses the middle line. So If you are to enter a buy trade, then wait for the market to bounce from the bottom line and only enter when the market crosses the middle line to enter the buy zone. If you are to enter a sell trade, then wait for the market to bounce off the top line and only enter when the market crosses the middle line and enters the sell zone.

This screenshot was taken during a LIVE active sell trade. By looking at the “sell entry”, you can see exactly where the entry needs to be when entering a sell. This trade ended in a profit.

Confirmation Arrow Forex Signals

A wonderful way of confirming signals is to use arrows. The arrows included in Dream Signals 3, are very accurate to even use individually however, it is recommended that you use more indicators to confirm your trades. Our arrows are different than the traditional ones that you might have used in the past. One great feature about them is that they do NOT repaint, which is something all traders want. The arrows can be fun to use especially when using an M5 to M30 chart for scalping but of course, all time frames will work just as well. The red arrows signal “sell” and blue arrows signal “buy”.

External W.S Omnipotence Forex Signal

This great indicator displays in an External Indicator Window. You can also use this individually or it can be a great addition to confirm trades with any of your other favorite forex systems that you simply want to improve. It can be used for correlation trading, trend trading, or even basic confirmation. This is a nice and clean indicator to look at since it is displayed in a separate section of the chart below and is very easy to understand/use. How to use it.

Sell trade: Wait for at least five consecutive green candles to form, and sell as soon as you see the sixth candle forming.
Buy trade: Wait for at least five consecutive red candles to form, and buy as soon as you see the sixth candle forming.

Price Trend Forex Candlesticks

If you cannot notice this indicator, look closely at the candlesticks. If you are an experienced trader, you may have probably already realized something unique about them. The difference is in the “candlesticks”. These are not the same candlesticks that traditional charts have. The candlesticks are the indicator! This indicator will only show the candlestick’s colors based on price trends. In this picture, look at the top of the chart. It is set to a “Line Chart”. So this confirms that the candles you see are 100% the indicator. This one is guaranteed to be one of your favorites.

There are hundreds of different ways to Dream Signals but here is a suggested combination of indicators that we advise you to use. Make sure at least 2 of the indicators match. The more indicators you use to confirm, the better it will be for you. Look at the chart below. In this case, three of the indicators confirmed a buy trade! The Price Trend Candlesticks, External W.S Omnipotence Signal, and the Confirmation Arrow Signals confirmed the trade. Now this entry has a much higher probability of success. We took a trade on this, and you can see our profit so far at the bottom right of the screen…

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