Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will your software work on my Broker?
A: YES! Your MT4 broker WILL work on our software. Our products work with any Metatrader 4 broker in the world.

Q: Which Payment Methods do you accept?
A: FXA Systems accepts Credit Card, Paypal, and Bitcoin

Q: How and why don’t you charge monthly fees?
A: We do not believe in constantly charging clients monthly. These monthly charges can add up in the thousands very quickly and not everyone can afford it.

Q: Are you sure there are no additional fees after the one-time price we pay?
A: Absolutely. There are zero fees forever after you purchase our software. Everything you see is ONE TIME. And you can use it forever.

Q: How do we receive the software?
A: In anywhere between 30 minutes to 24 hours, you will receive a download containing a plugin that you must install.

Q: Is your software really better than others, or are you just saying that to advertise?
A: Very good question. YES! We guarantee you and are certain that our software’s are superior in all aspects of forex trading. We also guarantee that you have not seen anything like them before. The user-friendliness, features, etc, are unmatched.

Q: I really like your system. If there are updates, will you provide them FREE?
A: Yes, if there are updates for the current Metatrader software/system, we will provide FREE updates for that version.

Q: Which is your best forex system available?
A: For each individual, it can be different. Our cheaper systems are not cheap because they are worst than the more expensive ones. Tell us about yourself and your goals and how much you plan on making in forex. Whether you plan on doing this as a career etc. Oftentimes, you do not have to spend on our more expensive systems, if you are planning to be a basic “here and there” trader. We can advise you on which system would meet your needs. Contact us and tell us about yourself.

Q: What currency pairs can I trade when using your forex systems?
A: Any currency pair, stock, future, and much more!

Q: Will you help me if I need any help?
A: Of course! If you need help or need advice, we will do everything we can to help you. You can e-mail us or chat with us live. Our customer service reputation is very solid and we intend to maintain that. At times our staff has even worked overtime hours to help our clients.

Q: What brokers would you recommend for me?
A: You can use ANY broker of your choice. There are many brokers you can use, but if you would like a recommendation, then contact us and we will send you a list of recommended brokers to choose from.

Q: I am totally new to this but would like to trade. Will your Metatrader systems help me learn and become better?
A: Yes, it can greatly help. With practice and getting used to the software, you can be greatly successful.

Q: Can you provide me some strategies you guys use when you enter the trades?
A: Yes. There are many things in our system that you can mix up and make a strategy. If you would like some of our strategies, we can share our techniques with you. 

Have questions? Contact us, Chat with us or Create a Ticket.