FX-Agency Advisor 2

FX-Agency Advisor v2 Forex System

The most advanced accurate forex signals generator system for Metatrader 4

The #1 Top Rated Forex System In The World In 2023

FX-Agency Advisor 2 is really a “first-class” and worldwide known Forex Buy/Sell system that’s fully packed with the best features and it has been making traders a lot of profits all over the world. It is on a completely different level than anything you might have utilized on Mt4, E-Signal, Tradestation, etc. It’s so various and unique compared to other forex systems, that those who have never heard about forex, become interested plus they become full-time professional traders and make money. The characteristics, features, and overall performance of the FX-Agency Advisor 2 are unmatched and absolutely nothing is easier than this when it comes to manual forex trading. The FX-Agency Advisor 2 is a specialized “semi-automated” system that is going to do all of the examinings for you personally and according to that, you’ll have signals. It may seem EA’s are a simple means to fix your ability to succeed, however, when it involves profit consistency, in the long run, it is just dependent on time until it fully wipes your account. The most successful forex traders and very long-time veterans, all use manual trading systems and strategies, but our FX-Agency Advisor 2 isn’t any regular forex system, it is special. With many systems, you need to do such things as take a look at charts, find crossovers, switch over time frames, determine trends, determine stop-loss, and much more, which could occupy considerable time. When Using the FX-Agency Advisor 2, it doesn’t only let you know precisely the price on when you should enter the trade but additionally provide you with a stop-loss and take profit according to TWO entries! Quite simply, instead of you getting one signal at any given time, you’re going to get 2 signals, a “Buy At” and “Sell At”. When the market price/trend is bullish, the Buy trade is going to be triggered and when the marketplace is Bearish, the Sell trade is going to be triggered. A trade is nearly guaranteed since market price needs to relocate in either direction therefore when using the FX-Agency Advisor II, you are able to profit in both situations. To make the chances of winning as much as 85% using the FX-Agency Advisor 2, we’ve integrated a unique recommendation signal, which provides you with the suggested trade in line with the current price action and trend from the market. By doing this you will simply trade in direction of the popularity and momentum of market conditions. If you work with a high time frame for example H1 and above, you CAN definitely trade against the trend if you are scalping. When trading smaller time frames for example H1 and under, you need to make use of the “FX-Agency Recommends” tool.

This is what you will see, when you first attach the system to your chart

fx-agency advisor 2

Audio Alerts Built-In

Stocks, Futures, Metals are also tradable!

The Multi Currency Dashboard

Trend/Momentum Filters Based On Price Action

How It Works

Monitor ALL currency pairs and await signals on their behalf, on a single opened up chart.

Your screen will appear like this. As you can tell, this really is something very unique and high end when it comes to of forex trading software’s for Metatrader or possibly every other trading platforms that is available. By looking at the picture below, you most likely know what its suggesting. You may choose any one or trade as many signals as you would like at the time. Now, around the H1 chart, there is a buying and selling chance for the AUDJPY, EUR/GBP, EURJPY, GBP/JPY, GOLD, SILVER, NASDAQ and the S&P 500.

Note, you are able to choose ANY time frame you wish to use. You can even go to a time frame as low as M1 and the FX-Agency Advisor 2 will give you forex signals. Let us now look at the M30 chart below. As you can clearly see, it now shows seven more trading signals on the FX-Agency Advisor 2 panel. These were excellent opportunities to enter trades.

Like pointed out above, to improve the chances of success using the FX-Agency Advisor 2 we’ve incorporated a powerful”trend” filter signal. Check the picture below exactly where it mentions “FX-Agency Recommends”. This is a good tool you have to use to verify trades when scalping, especially on lower time frames for example H1 and under. On the chart below, you will see a EURUSD signal. It states WAIT! Get Ready To Buy At 1.3111 Or Sell At 1.3090. This means, when the market touches these particular price levels, it is going to break out which makes you a pleasant profit. To remain safe, you have to just take the trades within the same direction of the overall momentum, price action, and trend of the present forex market conditions, that is when FAC Recommendation becomes helpful. Underneath the “FX-Agency Recommends” control panel, look at the EURUSD in red. It mentions “EURUSD Trade SELLS only”. Whether it shows a “WAIT” message, such as the GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, and USDJPY in gray, you have to watch for momentum to consider the direction and it must show a”Trade Sells only” or “Trade Buys only” message on your screen. So as you see, these specific trades that were executed were excellent and perfect!

Audio Alert Popup Windows Included!

The useful “audio alert popup” feature is probably the most wanted feature on all Metatrader forex systems and signals. The FX-Agency Advisor 2, will give you a sound alert when the trade has been triggered, so you could be browsing the web, chatting, e-mailing, etc and STILL enter the trades at the correct times, since it will play a sound. In case you have fallen asleep while trading, this can wake you up. The picture that you see below, shows you exactly what an alert looks like. This alert is saying EURUSD SELL-T. Right beside it, is the exact price at which the entry of the trade was, the stop-loss price, and the P/L of this particular trade. Two types of trades will be displayed, one that says “BUY-T” and the other that says “SELL-T”. BUY-T means Buy Trade and SELL-T means Sell Trade. The Profit/Loss also known as “P\L” will be displayed in pips and that exact amount is what you would have been making even if you mistakenly missed the trade. This feature is fantastic!

Adding Currency Pairs And Other Symbols To The Dashboard

Another great feature about the FX-Agency Advisor 2 forex system is that you actually have the option/freedom of adding and removing any symbol of your choice. They can be forex currency pairs, metals, stocks, shares, futures, commodities, and a lot more. If you think you will never trade a certain currency pair, you can easily remove it or replace it with any other symbol you wish. Adding, removing, and modifying is very simple. Simply input the symbol in the field that says says “Symbols”. If your current broker is using a suffix or prefix, be sure to include that in the symbol and it will work perfectly.

Taking Your Profits on FX-Agency Advisor 2

Identifying Take Profit Points with FX-Agency Advisor 2 is easy. There are two effective ways you can take profits. The one method is to set a specific target and the other method is to move your SL after a specific amount of pips. Additional details about taking profits are mentioned in the instruction manual that is included with the purchase of The FX-Agency Advisor 2. The picture that you see below shows a simple yet effective indicator that you can use to take profits. It’s an additional separate indicator that you will receive with your purchase. As simple and plain as it may appear, do not underestimate the power and effectiveness of “key price level horizontal lines”. They are also known as “Support and Resistance” or “Supply and Demand”. This specific method of taking profits is most effective and common among the most successful traders. This wonderful indicator has a multi-time frame built-in feature. In the “Indicator Settings”, you can easily set the time frame to whatever you want the indicator to display. The default time frame is D1, which in minutes is 1440. If you wish to use the H4 time frame, you must input “240”. For H1, input “60” and so on. The value that you input is the exact amount of minutes on that time frame. By simply changing these, the support/resistance levels will be shown accordingly. The good thing about this tool is it will continue to show the price levels even if you switch time frames. So for example, you can set it to display support and resistance levels for D1 and they will show up on all time frames. It’s really nice and clean to look at and will not make your chart look busy and distracting, which is a good important thing.

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